Elizabeth Park | Garden Wedding | Emily + CaseySo I guess our theme is, geeks in the garden - LOL!

Inspired by the gardens, love of brunch, and the Swamp Thing, this unique wedding at Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT was the perfect mix of traditional and off beat. A piece was read from the comic book, Swamp Thing issue #34 in the ceremony.  It was matched by the reception guestbook/ poster of pages from that same issue! The setting of Elizabeth Park + The Pond House is exactly what the bride and groom imagined for the wedding. Favorite details included the toasting flutes (which are from the 70’s) and the basket for cards, both found at Estate Treasures, an amazing thrift store in Middletown, CT.

Our amazingly creative bride hand crafted many of the details herself. The intricate table numbers and beautiful water colored place cards were two of her artistic contributions, in addition to designing the whole day! The bride and groom are passionate about environmental justice (bees in particular), so the very intentional choice was made to use local CT honey as the wedding favor.  The surprise grooms cake featured other comic characters, The Maxx and Julie Winters. There’s even a geeky pun for their formal wedding cake, which is topped with Belle from Disney and Beast from X-Men, thus giving you Beauty and the Beast.


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Ceremony Venue | Elizabeth Park Perennial Garden

Reception Venue | Pond House Cafe

Event Designer | Bride

Caterer |Pond House Cafe

Cake Designer | Creative Cakes by Donna

Groom’s Cake | Stone House Baked Goods

Floral Designer | Tulips Floral Design

Wedding Favors | Full Bloom Apiaries

DJ | DJW Entertainment

Dress | RENZ Rags

Suit | Ties – Me&Matilda / Suits – Michael Strahan

Hair Stylist |Maggie Wazoo

Engagement Ring | Anjays Designs

Wedding Bands | Lux Bond and Green

Videographer | Drew Page


  • What a fabulous blog, love the images. The bride looks stunning. Keep up the great work and keep inspiring! :)

  • Emily & Casey McKenna said:

    JagStudios, you are sensational. Thank you for preserving our day in the most beautiful way possible. We LOVE YOU so much!

    • jagstudios said:

      We LOVE you!! Thank you for creating such a beautiful occasion for us to photograph!