Risqué Portraits | Greenwich | Jacqueline

We had so much fun working with this beauty at The Jhouse in Greenwich for her risqué portraits.  We absolutely adore Jackie, thank you for shining so bright!  We love that you came into our lives!  Enjoy Jackie’s photos and we will let her describe her experience with JAGstudios in her own words.


“I will be the first to say, I had zero intention of every having a “boudoir” session, they never struck me as genuine. That is, until I saw Jacklyn’s risqué sessions. While the original intention may have been as a gift for my future husband, it turned into dancing around the beautiful hotel room at the J House in lingerie, with a little (okay a lot) of wine, and feeling comfortable in a newly weight-restored body.

The goal was to dress in a way that was real to me, in white t-shirts, and dance-inspired pieces. With the finishing touches by the amazing Heather, it could not have been more perfect.

After leaving, the immediate impression was “Oh my god I have no idea what just happened, but I want to do it again.” This session has completely changed the way I see myself, and feel in my own skin. For that, I am forever grateful.” Jacqueline

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Location | The Jhouse

Lingerie | Aerie + Victoria’s Secret

Hair | Glam Blow Dry Bar

Makeup | Heather Palmieri