Strength in Change | Sarah

When we change drastically, new and positive things come our way.

Leather + Beauty

Working with Sarah was a lesson in growth, focusing to put positive vibes towards any situation that presents itself.  We were excited to collaborate with her, chatting for weeks about her portraits and what she would love from her session.  However, when she showed up…it was all different!  Her long blonde beautiful flowing hair was gone!!  Game on!!  We loved it!  She was a new woman with a radical hair cut!  When prepping for her portrait session she had an unfortunate situation at a hair salon which turned into something we were all grateful for!!  Watching her explore her new style and feel beautiful with out her security blanket of long hair was something to witness.  She is a stunner and hard to believe she wouldn’t always feel that way, but we all are used to a certain way we look.  Once it changes dramatically we need to find ourselves again and embrace our new sense of self.

Love this session, thank you to Sarah for bringing your strength to your photographs.

Leather + Beauty

Leather + Beauty

Apparel | All Saints

Rings | Catbird

Necklace | Forever 21

Haircut | Courtney Baker Hair Design