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Jacklyn Greenberg

lead Photographer

Jacklyn’s edge lies in her unique ability to deeply engage and connect with people through energy and emotion. This connection allows her to co-create with her clients, and produce photographs that go way beyond the ordinary. Well known for her photojournalism with a hyper-realistic feel, she is one of the most sought-after photographers anywhere, traveling extensively to capture real moments of love, strength, and beauty. Her travels have taken her throughout the United States and around the world, from the beaches of the Maldives to the waterfalls of Iceland, from the historic cities of Europe to the rainforests of Belize.

With a deep desire to share her love of photography Jacklyn has 14 years of experience educating photographers. With over 40 engagements for the industry’s top education sites, workshops, and conferences, her classes have been featured by Gather & Soar Summit, The Wedding School, WPPI, Foundation Conference, BodaF Mexico, and Canada Photo Convention making her one of the most recognized and celebrated photographers in the world.

Jacklyn Loves: The great outdoors, traveling, music, family, good friends... and Chris.

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Chris Brown

Chris approaches photography with a fresh adventurous spirit and a heart that stays wide open. He is always looking for new experiences and ways to make people feel special and look their best. His compassion was forged over two decades as a radiographer in Level 1 trauma centers across the U.S., bringing out true love and understanding of how vulnerability connects us and makes us all beautiful.

The artist in Chris combines with his love for science, pushing him forward to explore new techniques, angles, and ideas in photography, and his photographs are widely considered to be both trend-setting and timeless. His empathy allows him to stay connected and devoted to creating deeply personal and authentically beautiful work. For Chris, a photograph is like a song that you listen to over and over, evoking memory and new emotions as the years go by.

Chris finds his inspiration through relationships and his love for nature. Traveling with Jacklyn for work and pleasure, he has photographed the most stunning places on earth and spent months in the wilderness of North America, most recently traveling to Katmai in Alaska to photograph brown bears.

Chris loves: Making others feel special, cooking, laughing, getting off the beaten path... and Jacklyn.

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Kate Rubin

Studio Manager + Client Relations Liaison

Kate is a dynamic individual whose diverse experiences have shaped her unique journey. As our Studio Manager and Client Relations Liaison at JAGstudios, Kate thrives in cultivating meaningful connections beyond traditional titles. With 18 years of expertise as a childcare provider specializing in multiples and supporting children with disabilities and ASD, Kate's passion for inclusive spaces shines through. While she left her mark in hospitality at a boutique hotel and two craft breweries, Kate's heart resonates in relationship building, finding her true calling at JAGstudios.

Beyond formal labels, Kate transcends roles, infusing compassion into client/photographer relationships. This depth fosters connections that go beyond the ordinary, inspiring stunning collaborations and enduring relationships. In her free time, Kate transforms road trips into rewarding adventures with her two rescue dogs, showcasing her creativity through cooking, baking, and collecting vintage game consoles. A seasoned vocalist, she reserves her performances for tequila-fueled moments. Ignited by wanderlust, Kate travels the world, embodying a life driven by passion and a refusal to conform to societal norms.

Nicki Doherty

Nicki Doherty, an integral member of the JAGstudios team, brings a wealth of experience and expertise in cinema and photography to the creative forefront. With over 20 years of professional experience, Nicki's career encompasses roles in commercial studio management, impactful editorial work, and international freelancing, including a notable stint as a corporate staff photographer for a national defense contractor.

Nicki's global perspective extends beyond borders, having undertaken freelance assignments in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Her worldly outlook enriches her work, infusing it with a unique blend of cultural sensitivity and storytelling prowess. In 2009, she made a significant shift to documenting life's cherished moments, with a particular focus on wedding photography.

Specializing in this intricate craft, Nicki serves as both an associate photographer and the Post-Production Manager at JAGstudios. She orchestrates the perfect blend of time management, people coordination, and art direction to encapsulate the essence of each unique celebration. Her role extends beyond the shutter click, as she meticulously handles editing, retouching photographs, designing albums and custom artwork, and guiding clients through proofing sessions. Her ability to harmonize these elements results in captivating visual narratives that immortalize the love and joy of the couples she photographs.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Nicki, a mother of four and spouse to a fighter pilot, infuses humor and warmth, making her an indispensable part of both the studio's creative process and the broader canvas of life.

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Associate Photographers

We wouldn’t dream of missing a moment at your wedding so we always bring one of our experienced associates with us. Nicki Doherty, Tony Fiorini, and Kyla Pitruzzello have been shooting with us in our JAGstudios style for many years, and we consider them part of our family. Nicki's talent lies in seamlessly blending artistic flair with technical precision, ensuring each photograph narrates a unique and captivating story. Kyla’s a left-brain, right-brain genius who melds the artistic with the scientific to capture compelling photos. Tony, a trained photojournalist, excels at authentically portraying your narrative. Together they make a dream team with us that ensures your wedding collection is creative and complete.

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Our Philosophy

Ten things we value





We treat everyone with the utmost respect and care.

We believe real moments beat posing every time.





We think out of the box and give you room to be yourselves.

We’re grateful for our lives, our work, and being able to share our passion with you.




Family & Friends

We’re sticklers for the details that make photos extraordinary.

We adore our families and can’t wait to meet yours.





We love good conversations, good wine, good whiskey, and moments spent in the sun.

We travel extensively and we’re always excited about the next place to go.





From our garden to our next adventure, we’re always inspired by the Earth.

It makes the world go round and we’re here to share it with compassion, kindness and unparalleled passion for the art of photography.

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