Katherine + Vin | Stowe, VT Wedding

"Our wedding planner suggested we look at JAG, and we were immediately drawn in by the emotion, composition and beauty of their work. We loved how their photography captured feelings and those special, once-in-a-lifetime moments in time. We love Jacklyn and Chris as people, artists and photographers, and could not recommend JAG more highly. Jacklyn and Chris photographed our engagement photos, rehearsal dinner and wedding day. Our wedding photos are beautiful and emotive beyond our wildest dreams, capturing the exuberant and joyous spirit of our wedding weekend, and our love for each other. Seeing our wedding photos is like re-living our wedding day every time we look at them (which is a lot as we have them all over our apartment and in beautiful albums!) On the albums point, Jacklyn and Chris are also masterful at creating wedding albums -- the process could not have been more seamless for us, largely because they did almost all of the heavy lifting and guided us through the photos they suggested, weaving together the story of our wedding weekend in albums that we'll have forever. We are so grateful to Jacklyn and Chris and feel so lucky that we had the incredibly good fortune to work with them!"

Jackie | Risqué Session

"From the start, I had zero intentions of ever having a boudoir session done. They always felt so forced, and not like me. Then I saw the session with JAG, and I could not imagine not doing a session! It was all about how YOU feel sexy and beautiful, not "how sexy should look". After a phone call with Jacklyn that left me feeling like I had known her for forever, I could not have been more excited about this session! At the session itself, it felt like just dancing around a hotel room with some wine. I was so nervous that what I was going to do wasn't going to be "right", but Jacklyn made it so much fun. I STILL have no idea how some of those images happened, I just know the experience was incredible. I left feeing lighter, and more beautiful than I had felt in a long time. Even before I saw a single image, the experience alone was worth it. The images though... I cried like a baby when I saw them. I have never felt so beautiful in my life. Jacklyn managed to capture who I was, and how I felt beautiful in ways I did not even realize. They were truly marvelous images, ones I will treasure for the rest of my life. The original point of the session was to create an album as a wedding gift for my future husband. It ended up being so much more, it's an experience everyone should have."

Adrienne + Sean | Winvian Wedding

“There are no words to describe my experience with JAGstudios. Aside from the very obvious fact that they are, quite simply, the best photographers around, and your pictures will be breathtaking, and everyone will constantly rave about them months and years later, and the essence and feel of your day will be perfectly captured, no... ASIDE from all of that, Jacklyn and Chris are the consummate professionals. And to me, even more importantly, they become your friends. They genuinely care, and it is very clear that this isn't just a job to them. They are passionate about what they do. At the end of the day, all you have are these photos and your own memories to rekindle the feelings of your wedding day, and I cannot imagine anyone doing it better than Jacklyn and Chris. They did our engagement shots as well, and there was so much personality in them - they were able to capture both of us, our spirits, how we are with each other, and our unique personalities, because we were so comfortable with them. Their humor and positive attitudes are infectious. On your wedding day you want everyone around you to be your friend, including the people working. It adds to the mood of the event, and everyone feels inspired. I truly felt like they were guests at my wedding and we were so thankful to have them there. They are FUN, thoughtful, caring, kind, friendly, hilarious, and extraordinarily talented. What more could you ask for? THE. BEST. PERIOD. Honestly, you will be lucky to have them."

Emily | Risqué Session

"Holy Sh*t, Jacklyn and Chris... You don't need me to tell you that you're wildly talented (you are), so I'll just focus on how wonderful you've been to us in general. Since we met you guys, you've been so giving and understanding and I know how beautiful these photographs came out is a direct result of you and how beautiful you make my wife feel. So thank you for that." - Emily's husband.