Bryant + Stacy | Engagement | New Haven, CT

I am one lucky lady to have such great clients! Everyone this year has been SO much fun! And that goes without saying for Bryant + Stacy, and her daughter Senora too! They’re getting married in New York City this fall at a wicked cool bookstore!! How’s that for alternative locations!! They had booked me before they had even picked their date and location!! AND it’s the same bookstore that Andrew and Jeremy had their engagement party at, speaking of which, stay tuned, because their wedding will be up on the blog next! So for now we played at the park for awhile and then hit up the industrial section in their hometown. Thanks Stacy, Bryand and Senora, Chris and I had such a great time with you! Enjoy!

  • JAG... You make me sick! I'll trade you my last name for some photographic wisdom and maybe a few tips :) Someday I hope to catch emotion like you can, if I'm lucky.

  • awesome images Jackie! your posts are always full of so many gritty textures and bold colors. REALLY great work!

  • clem said:

    Stacy, Bryant, these are fantastic. You look great and so happy.

  • Christine (Artemis Clover Photo) said:

    woo hoo you're my new fav! i love this whimsical session!