Carla + Ren | Trash the Dress | New England

Could this possibly be any more fun?? Carla and Ren have been married for a year and wanted to do something awesome to celebrate. We thought bringing in a Rastafarian and Jamaican theme would be sweet because they’re both from Jamaica. Little did we know just how kick-ass it would be… and so sexy in so many ways! We started off keeping it clean on the Coast Guard base where Carla is stationed, and then getting down right dirty in their backyard. We even got their little dog… appropriately named Marley… in for the shoot. Make sure you check out the slideshow at the end, we had such a blast with this one! Thanks Carla and Ren, you guys ROCK!

  • Chris said:

    Nice, but did you notice that it is 2 different dresses. A slight bit of cheating!!!!!!

  • Angela Simpson said:

    Kudos on getting them to paint each other!!! My jaw dropped with the first brush stroke of yellow! That's awesome.

  • dude - these photos are sick! it was so awesome seeing you the other night!!

  • Margo Meyerhoff said:

    These pics are AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I love that they are painting each other - what a great idea! And that photo of her lifting her dress with the boots underneath is just hot!

  • wendy said:

    What a pitty for the dress
    Do you still have it?

  • Courtney & Joe said:

    j, this is absolutely FAB!

  • these are so much fun!
    love your approach on a ttd session!

  • WOW, that is quite the TTD session, certainly unique and WOW!!!! Really great job capturing it, I have to say I always love your colors and this session is no exception!!

  • WOW!!! These are some amazing shots!!! I love the shot of her stockings and boots, and painting the Jamaican colors onto each other is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Jag Studios! You two rocked this shoot out big time:)

  • Carla said:

    Jacklyn, We absolutely LOVE our pics. We had so much fun. You're the BOMB!