Carrie + Alan | Wedding | Harpswell, ME

Check out Carrie and Alan’s wedding in Harpswell, Maine! It was such an honor to experience such a beautiful couple in such a beautiful location… Alan’s childhood home! Hay bales, blue sky, converse, cupcakes, a barn, an Irish punk band, and a huge bonfire! The whole day was perfect! Thank you Carrie + Alan! We love you guys!!

  • Carrie said:

    oh my gosh. these photographies are amazing. they are really really good:D

  • Wow! You are EXTREMELY talented. I love your photojournalistic style. I can't believe you actually caught a rainbow in one of the ceremony pictures. That is awesome! You rock!

  • Laura Moore said:

    This is awesome! This wedding looks like so much fun. You have really captured that.

  • Tiffany said:

    Gorgeouss pictures as always!!! And I just love the picture of the 2 little girls with their ice cream on your blog header. Fabulous!

  • Loving it Jackie. Such a cool couple. They made their day about them, their way.. Converses and all. Love It

  • Maggie said:

    Wow!! The photos are absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for capturing Carrie and Alan's wedding so perfectly. I love all the details that you managed to get, I think you really were able to capture the feeling that they were striving for!

  • Carrie said:

    HOLY CRAP I'M MARRIED and I'm crying again! Thank you so much Jacklyn we were so stoked to see the photos and even more so stoked to have you there!