Carrie + Alan | Engagement | Boston, MA

Before I even get into the details of this awesome engagement shoot, I have to give huge thanks to Ms. Anne Ruthmann of Anne Ruthmann Photography. If it wasn’t for her awesome referral I never would have met Carrie and Alan.

They’re from Atlanta and having their wedding on the coast of Maine this fall, so we figured…hmmmm… how about Boston?
How about the Boston Museum of Science???

How about Carrie wrote a WICKED DETAILED blog post about our kick-ass shoot on her wedding blog… check it out HERE…!!!

I couldn’t have put it better myself!!! You guys rock! We had such a great time. Thanks Carrie and Alan… ENJOY!!!

Oh yeah… make sure you watch the slideshow at the end!!

  • RE said:

    Love the shot with mirrors!

  • incredible! you are so talented. the crazy reflection shots from the science museum are amazing.

  • Absolutely awesome pictures, and what a fun location to shoot in...
    You did a great job on these shots!!! :0)
    P.S. The ring shot is sooo amazing!!!

  • Haha!! Thanks Jacklyn these photos are freaking awesome and we're so lucky to have you as a photographer!

    Also Beatles are love. Put on your cool sunglasses because sweetheart, you're bitchin! <3