Ilina + Kristin | Engagement | New England

Ilina + Kristen called me 3 weeks before their wedding… and I had the date free… weird how things like that happen… it was as if it was meant to be!  They were a bit nervous about having their photo taken, so I suggested that we get together for an engagement shoot.  If… For whatever reason… You think you “don’t need one,” I would think again.  We had such a great time hanging out, laughing and getting to know each other!  And their fear of the camera was simply erased, and even better, they have all these images to enjoy forever!  Wait until you see their wedding… you would never think they once second guessed being in front of the camera!

Thanks Ilina and Kristen!


  • Carrie said:

    I love these shots. You can really tell how much these two love each other. There's just a very sweet tenderness to these <3

  • Ahhh, these pictures are amazing! I love your creative eye! Now, I need to find a reason to hire you and take my picture! :)