Jen + Bobby | Wedding | New England

Jen and Bobby… where do I begin? Let’s see… The ceremony was in one of the most amazing Basilicas I have ever been in… and that’s considering I’ve lived in Italy for a year to study photography! (I definitely saw my fair share of Cathedrals and Basillicas!) Jen wore a polka dotted wedding dress and the girls were in red evening gowns. Bobby and the boys were all in Air Jordans. Everyone was filled with smiles and such great energy all day. Jen’s Niece and Nephew made the cutest flower girl and ring bearer ever, and their wedding party was such a great group of friends! Some of which you might remember, if you’ve been checking out our work for a few years. I first met Jen and Bobby and some of their friends at Danielle and Tom’s wedding… one of my first weddings ever!! Just a side note… D+T’s wedding is now being featured as a sample album for three printing companies in Germany and the US!! Woohoo! (Thanks Danielle and Tom!)

And… thanks Jen and Bobby! We love you guys and had an awesome time at your wedding!


  • caroline colvin said:

    Breathtaking!!! Grateful for our talk. Will be in touch very soon.

  • Julia said:

    These are amazing you are a true inspiration for wedding photographers all over the world!
    Keep on going

  • Sue said:

    These are wonderful! You did a great job and my daughter and son-in-law look spectacular!!