Julia + Spiro | Trash The Dress | West Halifax, VT

This is one I’ve been really excited about posting!

Julia + Spiro’s Trash the Dress Session…

We went back up to Honora Winery in West Halifax, Vermont where they were married last August 29th. We figured since they are both in the restaurant industry and love wine, and were married at the vineyard, that we would go back to shoot… and get a little messy… Julia had no idea

Hopefully the images speak for themselves. Julia and Spiro are amazing and so wonderful together. Thanks guys! I had the most amazing time photographing the two of you! Can’t wait to do it again soon!


  • Sick!!!! Love the end the best, but honestly, the whole coverage is fantastic!

  • CRYSTAL said:

    Oh my gosh! These pictures are great! I really wish that you could come to Texas and take some pictures of my little girl. Great job!

  • Veronica said:

    Thanks for the follow, and My GOODNESS. Your photos are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEMMMMMMM! You are so talented.

  • Kristin said:

    Those photos are absolutely incredible. LOVE the location!

  • robert norman said:

    very cool! ( although pouring wine anywhere other than down my gullet is simply a waste of good liquor!)

  • Awesome images! But man that's some serious alcohol abuse! All spillage lol.

  • meghan said:

    love these so much. she has got to be the cutest thing around.
    So creative. Brillant

  • Juliette said:

    Incredible! I loved the idea of trashing it with wine, but also the added bonus of breathtaking photo's in the wine fields before! Well done!!!

  • wendy said:

    Nice shooting, awesome colors ;)

    Are you still in touch with Julia please..
    I'm really interested in purchasing the trashed wedding dress in trashed condition as is. No cleaning or repairs are needed.
    This is a serious request and for charity reasons I'm asking this. Don't let them throw away the dress....
    Please contact me for more info at herwyn.w@skynet.be or pass my message to Julia.
    Thank you for your help and hope to hear from you or Julia soon

  • I want a couple like Julia and Spiro. That was a hot session Jacklyn. Congrats babe!!!!!

  • Awesome girl....love the contrast and sharpness of all of the shots! You're amazing :)

  • Kate said:

    SO AMAZING & such a creative idea! Great work...