Lydia + Brian | Wedding | Botanical Gardens | Part I

OK. So I know I’ve been EXTREMELY slacking on posting, but it’s been quite a crazy season and as these posts start flowing you’ll soon see why…

I absolutely love my clients and the time I spend with them before their wedding getting to know each other during conversations and most importantly during our engagement shoot.  It makes SUCH a big difference when we’re there all day for your wedding and makes portrait time go by SO super fast too. Especially if your friends and family have already experienced the work we’ve done together when you share your engagement photos with them.

AND then there’s the other half of my clients that book me 2 weeks before their wedding (like Lydia and Brian)!!! I can’t believe I even had the day still available, lucky us! Hardly enough time to say hello, but I love the excitement of barely knowing what’s to come. It’s crazy to build a trusting relationship with your photographer two weeks before your wedding, but when you have a couple like Lydia and Brian, sometimes it just works.

So, with that being said… here’s Lydia and Brian’s Berkshire Botanical Garden Wedding in Massachusetts. We were honored to be there and had SO much fun! Thank you Lydia and Brian! Please put me in a beautiful herb garden any day and I’d never complain!

Enjoy Part 1, check back soon for part 2!!