Lydia + Brian | Wedding | Botanical Gardens | Part II

Here it is… Part 2 of Lydia and Brian’s Berkshire Botanical Garden Wedding in Massachusetts! Needless to say that these guys were a so much fun (if you haven’t checked out the first part of their day, I’d check it out here)!  They did a great job of incorporating elements of who they are within their wedding… hula hoops for the guests to play with during cocktail hour, flowers all around (it is a botanical garden!!), a beautiful herb garden to play in, and a crayon covered cake to top it off! And as a surprise to everyone, almost even to themselves… Lydia and Brian left 2 weeks after their wedding to live and work in Japan for at least a year, so their guest book was actually a huge map and an address book so they can keep in touch with everyone while they’re abroad!

Thank you Lydia and Brian for having Chris, Jeremy and I be a part of your special day.  We hope you’re enjoying Japan!


  • Love this wedding...the whole thing!!! Great perspective and I love the way you captured all of the emotion!

  • sara said:

    love the picture of her jumping too! Awesome Awesome work! you really caputred the personality of the bride and groom. Where is the brides headband from?

  • robyn said:

    LOVE the pic of the bride in a double stag jump with the red door and mushrooms! AWESOME as usual Jaclyn! LOVE YOU!

  • robyn said:

    Love the one of her in a double stag jump with the red door & mushrooms! Awesome as usual Jacklyn! ;)

  • Gorgeous pictures!!! Wow, you are so talented! I'm already a fan and wished you were close to cincinnati to take photos of me!! :) Thanks for following my blog too! :)