Our Team


JAGstudios approaches photography with a fresh perspective and distinctive style. We have the inherent ability to capture the true substance of what matters most in timeless images. We document naturally with artistic and candid photographs that reveal spontaneous expression and emotion, while paying attention to every detail.

Your investment is priceless.

Jacklyn Greenberg

Jacklyn’s edge lies in her unique ability to engage and connect with people on a level that delves beyond the surface and into the deeper realm of energy and emotion. This comes, in part, from her extensive travels and immersion in foreign cultures with extended stays overseas in Italy and Australia. After earning degrees in both fine arts and environmental chemistry, she decided to follow her passion and add her intense voice with her inherent air of hyper-realism to the photography world.

Chris Brown

Chris has been an integral part of JAGstudios since its inception. His skills of photography go well beyond the standard photographic image, as he has spent almost half his life as a highly desired radiographer, shooting X-rays, CTs and MRIs, at top hospitals around the United States.