Bridget Hall in Italian Vogue | Inspired Risque PortraitBeautiful minds inspire others.

We were thrilled when we were handed the opportunity to recreate one of Pamela Hanson’s exquisite pieces of art!!  Bridget Hall in Italian Vogue, shot in Paris by Pamela Hanson!!!  YAY!!!  Our lovely bride Adrienne emailed us with a concept for a photo shoot that we went crazy over!  She wanted to recreate an image that her husband Sean was head-over-heels for with herself and their dog, Tucker, as the models.  Adrienne was phenomenal and Tucker did amazing as the ‘white dog’ in the photograph!  Of course, Winvian in Morris, CT  would be the perfect backdrop, especially considering it’s where Adrienne and Sean celebrated their marriage!

LOVED recreating such a stunning and personal version of this iconic photograph!

Bridget Hall Winvian risque portraits

This was Sean’s reaction when he saw our version of his favorite photo:

“That picture… I can’t believe you and Adrienne (and Tucker) made that happen!!!
I was in LOVE with the original poster, it was gifted to me by the manager of Barcelona Wine Bar in South Norwalk…so long ago!  Every time I was there I wouldn’t stop gushing over it…I was always into brunettes until I saw that poster, and after meeting a more beautiful blonde with a cooler white dog, I knew I had found the girl of my dreams…I can’t thank you enough!  When we moved to London I had to give the original a friend, I was going to ask for it back after Adrienne and I found a place to live back in the states, but now he can burn it for all I care…!!”

We love our clients and adore them even more when we get to work on concepts like this for them!

Bridget Hall Winvian risque portraits

Inspiration | Bridget Hall by Pamela Hanson

Location | Winvian

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