Jessica + Ian | Day After Fun | Yosemite National Park


We love going on adventures with our fabulous couples. Chris and I were lucky enough to play in California’s Yosemite National Park with Jessica and Ian. For days we were in awe of Mother Nature’s glory. Trees the size of sky scrapers, mountains that silence you with their towering presence, and all the beautiful sounds of moving water, birds, and forest animals. It was so wonderful photographing Jessica and Ian in this amazing location. We can’t wait to go back and camp again!

Their beautiful wedding which took place upon a cliff, is coming soon!



This couple has a very idea of having a wedding shoot in this place! The place was so wonderful to have a photoshoot that is why the theme is so unique. Thanks a lot for sharing!

What a beautiful photos! I really love the ideas of this couple that they choose Yosemite to have their wedding shoot. It was a very creative work. I am wishing both of you a luck! Great post!

I am happy for them now that they married. And the best thing is they choose Yosemite National Park to have their adventure during their important day. I am wishing all the happiness!


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