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2016 is shaping up to be a great year at JAGstudios! Mid-April started Jacklyn’s Wedding School tour!!  Starting in Asheville, North Carolina, she and fellow photographer Parker Pfister were sent on a mission by The Wedding School to solve “problem” lighting situations.   However, they quickly realized there are no real problem situations… only fun photographic opportunities!  Watching them in action working on their task and thought process was something to experience.

Wedding School_group shot

After days of filming and teaching, Jacklyn and Chris took advantage of being in Chris’ old stomping grounds and were able to visit good friends while they were there.  Chris’ friend lives in an amazing community off the grid, they’ve built everything from the land creating a self-sustainable, green environment with natural surrounding inside and out!  It’s called Earthaven, and it is an aspiring ecovillage in a mountain forest setting near Asheville, North Carolina. They are dedicated to caring for people and the Earth by learning, living, and demonstrating a holistic, sustainable culture.  It was the perfect place for them to take a few days away!

Next location, Philadelphia, PA where The Wedding School was filmed live and streamed to thousands of photographers worldwide! I had the pleasure of joining Jacklyn on this trip, we had a full week of filming, education, and friends!  Working alongside some of the industry greats was a wonderful learning experience.  Thank you to Susan Stripling Mautner and Cliff Mautner for their generosity, opening their hearts and home to us.


Jacklyn was beautified by the talented makeup artist, Diamond The MUA, then on to filming and educating photographers all over the world.  She rocked her own classes on Foundations with Clients, Storytelling with Light and Composition, and Client Playtime.  One of my favorite moments was when they all sat together and discussed their businesses.  It proved to be an invaluable experience for the guests watching and chatting live in the online chat room too.  Then, watching Parker work with Diamond to collaborate on a piece of art that they had to create in one shot was stunning…!!! (mic drop!)
Listening and learning from other professionals is such a positive and growing experience, I’d suggest it in any industry you work in.  Filming with The Wedding School was a great experience for Jacklyn, we hope you had a chance to check it out…The Wedding School.net!!!

Finally home again, but no rest for the wicked 😉 Shooting models, music & beauty professionals, while rocking fashion fun… we love what we do!  Check out the teasers of each shoot below and we will soon share more of the good times we’ve been having.  Thank you to d.d. nickel and Susan Monahan for making our ladies even more gorgeous than they are!!

studio portrait fashion guitar - kyla

studio portrait fashion - sarah



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